Prestige Hino Servicing

We know your business relies on your Hino working at peak efficiency, often around the clock. That’s why we’ve extended our service hours to match your schedule.

Give your Hino the attention it needs, when it needs it

Our factory-trained service technicians are here to support your business day and night. Our regular service department hours are now Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 8pm to meet your needs. We’ll quickly assess your repair needs and get the job done fast, so you can get back on the road sooner.

Plus you’ll enjoy 24-hour Roadside Assistance

Minimise off-road time and maximise your income – we give you more at Prestige Hino. You can call on our 24-hour service for the entire life of your truck for fast repairs on emergency breakdowns. We’ll even give you a loaner truck if your repairs are going to take a little longer. It’s just some of the ways we’re working hard to make your job easier.

We’re highly trained

Our state-of-the-art service workshop features the latest innovative diagnostic technologies and skilled, knowledgeable experts to make sure your Hino workhorse is up to whatever tasks you throw at it. They’re also qualified to service all your fleet trucks – regardless of make or model – so you get all your servicing needs met at one single location.

Genuine parts keep your Hino powered up longer

Our service department uses genuine Hino parts and accessories because they’re designed to work seamlessly with your truck and guarantee a longer working life. All genuine Hino parts & accessories also carry a 12-month/ 20,000 km manufacturer’s warranty for greater peace of mind.

Capped Price Service Now Available At Hino

You can now control your operating costs and budget ahead with Capped Price Service*, exclusive to Hino. It’s the business advantage that really adds up over the long run.

Capped Price Service Now Available At Hino

Daily inspection for your Hino

Here at Prestige Hino we suggest you inspect your Hino on a daily basis to keep it looking and running as good as new.

Download your Daily Vehicle Inspection below.

Our Service Advantage

Our Service Advantage

Service Agreements

Get the Advantage of greater business convenience.

You can drive a lot more business when you know where you’re heading. And nothing can give your business a clearer sense of direction and certainty than a Hino Service Agreement. Nothing could be easier or more ‘business friendly’ either. Because we can design your agreement to precisely meet your business needs, your famously reliable Hino truck will be even more reliable, thanks to proactive and regular servicing from fully trained Hino technicians at Prestige Hino. It all adds up to great peace of mind.

You simply budget for one regular monthly fee over the life of your agreement and you’ll never have to worry again about shelling out for the unexpected and often high costs of normal retail servicing.

Hino Service Agreements: Think of them as a health insurance policy for your truck.

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Our Service Advantage

Extended 5 Year Warranty

Extending Hino’s famous reliability to Advantage your business.

You can travel a long way in five years. And you’ll do it with less worry and a whole load more peace of mind when you take advantage of our brilliant new 5 Year Extended Warranty.

You’ll get all the same fantastic features of our standard 3 Year Warranty. It’s just that now you’ll have the extra security of being protected for a further two years - giving your business extra time to grow, safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

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Our Service Advantage

Roadside Assist

When you need help. Your Advantage is here.

On the odd occasion that you find yourself on the side of the road, it should come as a real comfort to know that you’re covered by Hino Roadside Assist.

With Hino Advantage Roadside Assist, you’re covered for the first 3 years of your vehicles life warranty. Roadside Assist operates all hours in most parts of Australia - and is manned by top professionals who know the importance of getting your business back on the road.

Roadside Assist Extra

You can extend your Roadside Assist by one to two years with the Roadside Assist Extra Package.

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*Service offer applies to all Euro 5 onwards models and available only at participating Hino dealerships. These rates are capped until 31 December 2019. On or before 31 December each year, Hino Australia will publish on the maximum price for a specified Scheduled Service that will be applicable from, and remain capped for  the following calendar year only. For details on pricing, items not included in the Service Price and for full terms and conditions click here.

Keep your truck cool all summer long!

With the hotter summer months upon us, it’s now more important than ever to stay up-to-date with your service maintenance schedule. More heat, means more pressure on your engine and it’s cooling system to work harder, which can result in reduced efficiency if not properly maintained. Which is why we offer fixed price servicing to keep your truck on the road all through the long hot summer ahead.