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Read what our customers have to say about how much they appreciate our can-do attitude, rock-solid Hino expertise and commitment to driving their business further.

At Prestige Hino, we’re dedicated to delivering the complete package – great products, excellent service and affordable deals. And we’re pleased to report our customers believe we’re getting the mix right.

We run a small bricklaying business and have been in the market for a medium size truck to support business growth. We have been dealing with Nicole for sales and Tracy for finance. We were close to making a purchase but unfortunately, my partner has to go back home overseas for a few months, so we have had to cancel the order (for now). I have given this feedback to your team but wanted to put an official 'compliment' in. 

Your team have been outstanding to deal with. We have been so impressed with their professionalism and it is a mile above your competitors. With such a large purchase the ultimate decision will be value for money, but I can't ignore the work the team have done to getting the sale. In a customer centric world, we get used to great customer service, so it takes a lot to make me want to send an email! I have thought about what made our experience at Hino different and I believe it was: 

1. No BS (well at least it didn't feel that way): I felt Nicole listened to what our needs were and didn't try and oversell the size or type of truck we needed, she was knowledgeable but also made sure to check if she wasn't 100% which I really appreciated. With my partners enthusiasm it would have been easy to oversell, and I appreciated her pragmatic approach. 

2. Working Together: I really liked being shown on the computer the different tray lengths and the options available. It made it feel like we were building something tailored and doing that together. It made it easy to compare and weigh up the pro's and con's. We didn't feel rushed, especially when I ask a lot of 'what about.....' questions. She explained everything well and didn't make us feel silly for not knowing something. Tracy was the same when it came to finance, willing to look at different options and was very patient. 

3. Communication: We were not hounded after leaving for finance or the purchase. Any follow up phone calls or emails were the right tone and appropriate. It was understood this was a big financial decision and we didn't feel rushed or as if we needed to make a commitment, so sales targets were met (as we did elsewhere). 

4. The little things: The show room and office were clean and tidy (you may think this is a given, it is not), all staff were presentable, warm and welcoming, we were offered quotes immediately and understood the caveats around them, we were given proper brochures (some places had none or printed a page out), we were always offered tea and coffee and the place just felt good to be in. 

Hopefully when things settle, we will be back in to complete the sale, but I felt it important in the mean time to make sure you are aware of the excellent work your team is doing.


- Rachel

In all my dealings with Prestige Hino, from building my newest truck to the maintenance of others in the fleet, I can not fault their service at all. The staff are courteous, helpful and professional in their approach, and their service team is second to none. I highly recommend them. 

- Glenn Laybourne - Geelong PowerSweep

Superior Foods Services is an award winning national foodservice distributor with a fleet of over 100 state of the art temperature controlled trucks. The trucks are custom built to our specifications to ensure product integrity and meet cold chain requirements.

Teaming up with Prestige Hino Trucks has been the perfect choice for Superior Food Services! It is not only about the truck itself but the impeccable support, service and reliability we have received over the years from the team, that has allowed us to provide a high level of service our own customers expect from us.

- Craig Phillips - Superior Food Services

The Salvos Stores have been using Hino vehicles for over 6 years now. 

We have been absolutely delighted with the vehicles themselves, and have been totally blown away by the exceptional servicing facilities and overnight service provided by Prestige Hino.

We run a fleet of 55 vehicles being a mix of differing brands, however I can assure you they will soon be all Hino's.  

Anyone thinking of purchasing a vehicle would be insane not to allow Prestige Hino the opportunity to show their professionalism, keenness and clearly the most superior service facilities in the business. 

- Michael Harrison - The Salvation Army

It really comes done to old fashion service when purchasing a fleet of trucks, that’s the reason I chose Prestige Hino. The team are extremely approachable, and their communication and process are great. Not only do I rely on them for the purchase of my trucks but I also know I can rely on their efficient service department for any mechanical needs. Prestige Hino are the whole package.

- Jake Hitti - Avis Rentals Blackburn

A pleasure to deal with. Very professional...10/10

- Stuart

I can always rely on the prompt service at Prestige Hino to get me back on the road. Whenever I have an issue I know it will be sorted straight away. 

- Marcelo Godoy - 4K Transport

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